We sit down with you to have a discovery session & learn more about your business, then we draft up a design contract & begin. A typical project usually takes us less than 1 – 2 weeks to complete.


Here, we get to the core of your business’s strategies to clarify your website’s needs so we can then begin planning and drafting up the deliverables.


Time to structure the site’s layout to create your website’s design & implement the functional purpose of the site, as well as set metrics to measure results.


At this stage, we test, test, test! After you’ve reviewed and approved the new website, we take final payment & go live! Moving on to post-launch…


This is where we monitor performance & measure results with the metrics that we set in place. We then analyze those metrics in relation to your operational goals so we can identify all the issues, risks, & variables generated. This allows us to control inputs & adapt your marketing strategy to improve key business processes ultimately leading to more profit.

We Monitor Performance Post-Launch

Analyze Phase #1

Then Recognize Room for Improvement

Complete Phase #1

We then determine the next course of action to improve processes

Begin Phase #2

What To Expect

A Little Homework *(optional)

Prepare at least 16 images, an About bio/story*, brand’s colors, and have your social media page URLs listed. This is where preparation meets opportunity.

Branding Matters

With a good foundation, your brand defines what ideas you represent & promote. We define your brand’s colors & attributes so you can stick to the style-guide for many years to come.

In-Depth Analysis

Market research is crucial when positioning your website to reach it’s target audience. We define your segments & learn where to measure your efforts to determine what you value.

Fast Turnaround

Based on your requirements, we execute those strategies & meet deadlines. We do our part so you can focus on your side of the business.